Sandcon’s Home Remodeling Services – Twin Cities MN

Have you ever walked into a room – maybe even in your own home – and you instantly feel relaxed and cozy?  In other rooms, you’ve noticed things just aren’t quite right.  Trying to create spaces with the first impression is what remodeling and design, at its best, is trying to accomplish.  Being able to take a space and recognize and incorporate those things that contribute to that feeling is what we at Sandcon try to do with every project.  It’s a lofty goal, but trying to create spaces that are both beautiful and functional is what we do.

Entrusting your home to a remodeling contractor is truly a leap of faith and we at Sandcon take that very seriously.  Our goal is to make that room you walk into when we’re done have that “just right” feel, combining beauty and functionality and in a way that reflects your lifestyle and activities.

Below are some of our projects that we feel exemplify that.

Kitchen Remodeling Minneapolis

Kitchen Portfolios

What makes a kitchen great? Is it the size, the design or the way it flows? We think all of these factors have a role to play in making a kitchen an area that’s more than just for cooking and eating. Over the years, Sandcon has completed kitchen renovations of all sizes and shapes. Check out our kitchen portfolios to see the kind of work we have done and can do.

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Bathroom Remodeling Minneapolis

Bathroom Portfolios

Along with the kitchen, one of the most popular rooms to give the remodeling touch is the bathroom. By renovating your bathroom and updating its look, you can increase your home’s resale value, so it’s a great investment to make. Please browse through our bathroom remodeling portfolios to see our previous work.

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Room Additions & Porches Minneapolis

Additions & Porches

Does the space in your house seem like it’s at a premium? Or do you want an enclosed area from where you can have a beautiful view of the outside? You can solve these problems by having an addition added on to your existing structure, and having a porch or sunroom built so you can enjoy the outdoors. See the additions and porches projects we’ve handled in the past by checking out our additions and porches portfolio.

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